Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Prije 2 mjeseci
Prije 4 mjeseci
Building Iron Man's Workshop!
Swinging From Web Shooters!
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
Prije 11 mjeseci
Thanos Sword Build!
Prije godine
Flying a JET SUIT!
Prije godine
Building Stormbreaker: Part 1
Tyrone Velasco
Tyrone Velasco Prije 16 sati
He looks more like Zeus lmao🤣
Nabil Irsyad
Nabil Irsyad Prije 16 sati
He just become silver surfer but water surfing.
Loleight Triple
Loleight Triple Prije 16 sati
The lipo falls out out the cannon contusions lol, cool cannon do
Nabil Irsyad
Nabil Irsyad Prije 16 sati
Let me guess, next they gonna make a lightsaber with plasma crystal and without that gaspack thingy.
Rendang Chicken
Rendang Chicken Prije 16 sati
Spider web with infinite strenght is possible. Its about science. In homecoming peter made a formula and it does work in real life but we need to expand its molecule
ROBOkillerTheT-rex Prije 16 sati
Russia wants to know your Location
MadMax Prije 16 sati
I have tried this and now he is dead. You are f*cking *&#^$&!
Arjun Prije 16 sati
James:Gets wakandan shield Microwave: My time has come
guntursatria 41
guntursatria 41 Prije 16 sati
Light saber in real life
B & B Schroeder
B & B Schroeder Prije 16 sati
I don’t care what others say, this is insane. Props to you!
ishak675 Prije 16 sati
5:32 he looked like the time keeper in spy kids
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 Prije 16 sati
Wow amazing!!
Oli Taggu
Oli Taggu Prije 16 sati
Glass exploding is unintendtionaly accurate. If u Remember Mace Windu vs Palpatine Scene From Revenge of the sith.
wa rf WAErf
wa rf WAErf Prije 16 sati
L4S3RB0Y17 XD Prije 16 sati
Do more collars together
Zeq Prije 16 sati
Does someone knows what they used as the "Lightsabler controller" ?
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Prije 16 sati
I prefer these types of vids. But I get it, the flashier ones brought in all your subs. *shrugs * Such are the times we live in. :P NOice vid! ^~^
blue dragon
blue dragon Prije 16 sati
I love technology and programing and i would say im decently good at it but i feel i'm to young to work on it. I'm 12
RiseNdShine Prije 16 sati
I love how this big buff dude jujimufu is strong as heck and acts like a 10 year old playing with toys made for destruction this is just so awesome
JustAFrogWithAHat Prije 16 sati
That doesn’t seem... Safe
Yvng Bratz
Yvng Bratz Prije 16 sati
Thats cool. Now make a iron man suit.
Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ So2
Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ So2 Prije 16 sati
Imagine how much bank he can rob
George W88
George W88 Prije 16 sati
James is imposter
Rage Boy
Rage Boy Prije 16 sati
U should collab with Micheal reeves
otis hawkridge
otis hawkridge Prije 16 sati
You should make the bow, from horizon zero dawn, next.
WingZero616 Prije 16 sati
not bad but still miles away from a real light saber.
200,000 is weak
Insane Gamerzz
Insane Gamerzz Prije 16 sati
I am a kid just 12 I like to make RC projects I see u and take inspiration and I am making a drone but because of less money I am not Abel to make it I want to came to u and take Ur help to make the drone If this became real so I will be so happy that I will die 😭😭😭
ت ط
ت ط Prije 16 sati
Wach alex burkan
Lexus Lodiomon
Lexus Lodiomon Prije 16 sati
Try to make real life rocket punch
funtime_foxy455 Prije 16 sati
You guys should try and do a proper fusion reactor. And I mean proper.
Mr.Moose Prije 16 sati
Wait couldn't you have just used a real plasma cutter to cut the hinges off
Janelle Morla
Janelle Morla Prije 16 sati
In the future I think you are gonna make time machine
BSCorner Group
BSCorner Group Prije 16 sati
Wow guys how come you didn't throw the kitchen sink aswell 🤣
uros gaming
uros gaming Prije 16 sati
Yoda:watch your career with great interest I will
Guillaume Kempf
Guillaume Kempf Prije 16 sati
Do irl rocket league pls
2乛OP丨 SLAYER Prije 16 sati
I think after 15 to 20 years we will get this in real life means we can use it
dkm_info Prije 16 sati
Sad that iT stopped working
BSCorner Group
BSCorner Group Prije 16 sati
All you need is 5 more lightsabers and 4 more arms 😎
King Mozki
King Mozki Prije 16 sati
When he talked about how much they build from Ironman already it just sounded unreal
Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio Prije 16 sati
Lol LM, the Game where you need to Pay to grow some might. It takes months for a f2p player to reach a certain level
burnerpric Prije 16 sati
Me I eat fruit
cupy gamer54
cupy gamer54 Prije 16 sati
Build a tokamak that actually generates energy (or can't u guys do that?)
David Wong
David Wong Prije 16 sati
I find these people annoying.
Drake Magnum
Drake Magnum Prije 16 sati
Congratulations Hacksmith!
Billy San ビリーさん
Billy San ビリーさん Prije 16 sati
Me a weeb who sleeps in 7 am and wakes up in 8 am:weaklings
NightcoreGamer YT
NightcoreGamer YT Prije 16 sati
Could you create the Elucidator sword from Anime Sword Art Online that would be so cool Greetings from Germany
Mohjap Singh
Mohjap Singh Prije 16 sati
iPhone 12
Narwhaleian 's
Narwhaleian 's Prije 16 sati
Well will these guys get to the point where the governments like aight u need to stop
Midnight Mystogan
Midnight Mystogan Prije 16 sati
Here in the Philippines the first smart eye glasses invented. People here use that to pirate cinema movies.
Zoe Kenfield
Zoe Kenfield Prije 16 sati
you should make some sort of green lantern ring that would be so cool!! Like if you want them to do it ⬇️
lorenzo melito
lorenzo melito Prije 17 sati
I thought they were using plastic explosive but it was a simple firecracker
Victor Prije 17 sati
Wow crazyy. If you make it more fluid it would be so awesome !!
Jasonz W
Jasonz W Prije 17 sati
jonathan joseph
jonathan joseph Prije 17 sati
Michael Reeves: Hold my taser
李艳 Prije 17 sati
Can you make a small gunpla that can move by controlling?
GreywolfStudios74 Prije 17 sati
You guys have the coolest job in the world...Im sooo gonna kill my guidance counselor! lol
Mashiba xxx
Mashiba xxx Prije 17 sati
Hire me 😭 even as a janitor
SKELETOR MYAH Prije 17 sati
This is the part where he nearly died 10:24 (Joke btw)
GhostlySavage 99
GhostlySavage 99 Prije 17 sati
U can survive a zombie apocalypse 😂👌
Ahmed Karrar
Ahmed Karrar Prije 17 sati
Star war yahoo
Jager Null
Jager Null Prije 17 sati
among us is toasted I played 5 game yesterday and got 3 with hackers
Nathaniel Clarke
Nathaniel Clarke Prije 17 sati
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Prije 17 sati
Very very cool very cool
Allwyn Alex Puthet
Allwyn Alex Puthet Prije 17 sati
Nathan Prije 17 sati
High powered blow touch but still really cool
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Prije 17 sati
He's wearing the wrong type of suit and tie
tommy murphy
tommy murphy Prije 17 sati
congratulations on 10m guys 🙏🏻
Izak Badenhorst
Izak Badenhorst Prije 17 sati
Wer can i get one
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Prije 17 sati
I so want to try to buy some of this stuff
Ryan Jarvis
Ryan Jarvis Prije 17 sati
I can think of many misusing of that haha but cool base line for lightsabers :)
Mariogamer 2536
Mariogamer 2536 Prije 17 sati
This guy will be the real tony stark you heard it hear first people
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Prije 17 sati
This guy makes the coolest stuff
GoldSamurai XGoldin
GoldSamurai XGoldin Prije 17 sati
This guy is a legend
R. L.
R. L. Prije 17 sati
Plocký Prije 17 sati
I know i would be doing anything with it... but i want this workshop xD
冰拿鐵不加糖 Prije 17 sati
。    •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • Hacksmith was not the Impostor.  。 . 1 impostor remain     。      ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . 。
Shut Up Motovlog
Shut Up Motovlog Prije 17 sati
This is fail...
David Chase
David Chase Prije 17 sati
Im pretty sure they also made dis video so ppl know who the crew of the hacksmith is
Ömer Faruk
Ömer Faruk Prije 17 sati
The bullet is quite unstable, if you drill a hole from the back, maybe 1/3 of the way it might be more stable